In 1995, a group of ceramists and ceramic amateurs created the ParisPotier Association with the aim of launching a major event in a central area in Paris to serve as a showcase for ceramic works of art.

“We wanted a friendly outdoor event, highlighting sculptural as well as utilitarian ceramics. We wanted to create something in the heart of our city, free from the context of an art gallery which many people may be reluctant to enter, and attract the general public with complicated artworks as well as reacquaint experts with popular forms of pottery.”

Thus was born Les Journées de la Céramique in Place Saint Sulpice in early July 1997. In 2019 the name was officially changed to Saint-Sulpice Céramique as that was the name most people knew it by. Saint-Sulpice Céramique is a one-of-a-kind event which is still true to its original objectives.


Our partners and collaborators as well as many volunteers and friends, the enthusiasm and commitment of the invited ceramists, have allowed the growing success of Saint-Sulpice Céramique during these four days rich in sharing and encounters.


Ateliers d’Art de France federates a network of associations committed to the promotion of art professions, and each year supports more than 300 events organized in France. Among them, ParisPotier, an association of committed and passionate ceramists, honors the ceramic arts in the heart of Paris. This annual event is an appointment patiently awaited by many ceramic enthusiasts and the general public, who come to follow the work of the creators, acquire new pieces, discover a diversity of proposals, and share ideas and conversations on the beautiful Place Saint-Sulpice. It is also more than 20 years of struggles and convictions that we are proud to support. For years, we have had the pleasure of seeing this quality event develop, presenting ceramics in all its forms, from table art to sculpture. Let’s salute this event which signs the singularity of our art workshops. Long life to creation and to ParisPotier!

Aude Tahon
President of Ateliers d’Art de France


As every year, Place Saint-Sulpice will welcome more than a hundred French and foreign ceramists for the Saint-Sulpice Céramique event. Edition after edition, the artists present at this event will show us the extent of their know-how. Paris, a land of creation and innovation, is rich in the many craftsmen who choose to work in its midst, and strives to always showcase the talent of these professionals. The popular success of Saint-Sulpice Céramique bears witness to the constant interest of visitors in this rich and diverse craft. I would like to thank and congratulate the association ParisPotier which, by organizing this event which has become a must in the world of pottery and ceramics, makes Paris, its craftsmen, and their know-how shine.

Frédéric Hocquard
Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of nightlife and the diversity of the cultural economy


Cosy corner. This is your new office. An office where the coffee is good. An office where the coffee is free. An office where you can work on the couch. An office where you can not work. An office where some people arrive at noon. An office where others leave at noon. An office that makes you want to go to the office. An office in the heart of Paris with a view of the garden…


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