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    SUMMER 2024
    27 th edition of Saint-Sulpice Céramique :

    ParisPotier, an association under the law of 1901 comprised of professional ceramists, chooses future exhibitors based on new criteria each year. There are no predefined rules. We seek to offer the Parisian public a lively and coherent event, renewed every year.

    Please note that we do not reply to applications.

    Our criteria include balance between the different types of production, renewal of exhibitors and coherence with the chosen theme. The selection process ends every year on the 15th of  – December for the following year’s edition. If we find your work interesting we will send you an invitation to participate to Saint-Sulpice Céramique.

    ParisPotier team receive many requests, so we count on your patience and assure you we are doing the best we can.

    Thank you for your understanding.