Café Céramique

A must of Saint-Sulpice Céramique.

Visitors to the cafe will find a welcoming environment surrounded by hundreds of mugs and bowls, all of them different, and you are invited to choose whichever one you like for your hot or cold drink. Whether you choose tea, coffee, beer, or fruity detox waters, the main purpose is to introduce people to the objects made by the exhibitors.

At the Café Céramique, everyone can experience a special moment with a beautiful everyday object, feel its strong and unique presence, get to know its particular characteristics, and discover its creator. It’s an encounter with unique ordinary objects, an intimacy which engages all types of sensitivity.

The Café Céramique was created in 2006 to serve as a direct link between the public and ceramics, and to display the exceptional diversity of artistic pieces. The success and pleasure that it generated that first year led the association to reopen the café every year since then. They serve specialty coffees, organic teas, and beers in a cup or mug chosen amongst hundreds, each one with its own special characteristics.